The Wulliman Award is presented each year to a member of Milwaukee SBE Chapter 28 who has given exceptional service to the Chapter and to the broadcast community of southeastern Wisconsin. It was first given to former member Jim Wulliman upon his retirement in 1988. Jim had given much service to the engineering community. He was a mentor to many, a founding member and an early president of the SBE. He did much to foster engineering education both informally and by speaking at local technical colleges. He was the Society’s first national Certification Committee Chairman and is considered by many to be the Father of Certification.

The award was designed both to honor Jim for his service, and to recognize others who exhibit that same spirit. There have been 20 recipients of the Wulliman Award, including former national certification director Linda Baun who is here tonight, and received it from the national certification committee with our encouragement in 1999.

This year, as I began to inquire from past recipients who we should consider, everyone I spoke with mentioned the same name. Although he is a relatively new member of the chapter, in the past few years he has become very active. He has become the primary host for chapter meetings, has made several chapter technical presentations, and recently started and helps author a web site to help engineers exchange ideas. This past year, he accepted a position on the SBE national board of directors, and continues to swap experiences with other colleagues.

And so, it gives me great pleasure to present this year's Wulliman Award to Chris Tarr.

- Rick Ryan

Certification Chair/Wulliman Award Chair

Milwaukee SBE Chapter 28

January 15, 2008